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Evangelist Greg Laurie has brought the message of Jesus Christ to over 41,000 people in North Carolina, the US state that just lost long-time resident Ruth Bell Graham, wife of the Rev Billy Graham.

Seated among Sunday night’s peak crowd of 16,500 :arrow: was Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, who lives in the area.

"Ruth was the best example I have ever seen of a deeply spiritual, yet very down-to-earth person," said Laurie, who has know the Graham family for decades, in an earlier interview.

As the Harvest Crusade's last night kicked off Sunday night, the prayers of 225 churches involved as well as of Billy Graham were with the thousands in the arena.

Over 2,470 :idea: :idea: :idea: people made decisions for Christ and were welcomed into the family of God during the three-night Triangle Harvest. A live webcast also saw a total of nearly 13,000 additional people join the evangelistic crusade via the internet.

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